Thursday, August 19, 2010

Great News!

ok.. let say that im bored
staying up late almost every night haha
so. i just check up things on google
and look what i found..!
MYSELF..!!! hehe ;D

also im deactivating my fb officially
err think that i'll be back... ;pp
got no reason but seriously,
when i was about to click on which reason(s) why im leaving fb..
(haha funny, this thing really want me to waste my time on it)
some kind of feeling just appeared.....,
"sedih lak pulak" huhu~
im gonna miss noor asilah mahmod ;)

is it weird putting those crocs(asadi actually) as a profile pic?
no, i think its cool ;p

and here is my cafe..!
actually i do play many games on fb
besides stalking others profile hehe
so. do you like it? do you like it? ;D
no?? grr disappointing. hu~

p/s : you might want to know how did i snap those pics, u can simply search 'snipping tool' in the menu bar.. =)


Izyan Hanis said...

deactivate fb = rindu lah mcm niee..
:( :( ;(

Anonymous said...

asilah mmg pelik..
btw.. npe deactivate.. soobbss..

nur hanina said...

asl deactivate?
tamahu kawan:((

Asilah Mahmod said...

haihhh tak smpai lak tetibe agaga ;D