Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday In Advance :D

I kind of hard to believe when being informed the news about one of my 3rd year senior had passed away 2 days ago. And the sad thing is i failed to recall back her face though in the past year she always came to our floor in that Mara building. Quite afraid if i'm mistakenly thought that someone else was dead. err i will confirm back later. That shocking news really put a big impact to me and to my housemates as well. The whole day was like we were just had a fight and non of us start a topic to talk about, full of silence, except 2 boys in the upstairs = = oh they are our new neighbour and not really bother about the reason they were moving. Thanks for making noise while we're busy preparing  for the finals,. The jamming thing, serioulsy please show some respect to others, not only you who live in this freaking old buliding, we pay the rent too. 

Here, being far away from the family, i know its way more harder to keep focusing on studying as no one push us to do this and that, but arent they love their own parents? the money that their parents had spent for them?

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for blessing me in so many ways. What He had given to me all through these 19 years of joys and full of tests have made me stronger day by day. I've bee blessed with simple things, necessities of life which are often overlooked and which some people out there not able to have. Thank you God, for blessing me and my family with good health and wealth, an abundance supply of food to keep us from starving, lot of clothes to cover ourselves well and keep us all warm, a proper roof over our heads to shelter us from the heat of the sun and the pouring rain, and the endless love and joy that keeps going around for everyone. 

And my prayer, to have better judgment. To be kind and generous to everyone i meet. To always have respect, love and kindness to my family and friends. To have more patience instilled in me, so that i'm able to become a strong woman. And, the most important and most difficult thing to achieve, to not love this temporary life that i'm in more than God. 

Let's make the best of what we have, and put it to good!

i guess i should be posting this for my coming soon birthday (semangat) haha :)

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