Saturday, January 22, 2011

barakallahu lakuma

Here we are again, the next paper will be on this monday, aiming for the best, Insyallah may Allah be with us. Dont forget to make prayer within each effort you've made to success. oh! tawakal also after that and say Alhamdulillah :) There are few days left before the February come, im looking forward to it hehe. Happy Belated birthday to my mom! and Hasrul is going to turn into 18 tomorrow, best wishes for you bro.

i found this really nice quote :
 "Someday, you'll realize how much you cared about her, and how amazing she really was. And when that day comes, she'll be walking with the guy who already knew."

get it what does it mean? haha okey, dedicated to all ladies who've been down by lies, cheats, pains and heartbreaks. Maybe he isnt next to you now because he doesnt deserve to be. Your heart is meant to be for someone else. Someone better, someone that has much more sincerity and honesty and love you as you do for him. A man who cant treat a woman with respect and care doesnt deserve to have a woman next to him. But, God Himself said that a good man is meant to be with a good woman, and same from the opposite side too. Everything has been always in His hands. Here's let be strong again and have faithful in God, to believe that one fine day you're going to meet someone that you've been waiting for your whole life. And he will lead you to a better life here and the life after :)

Wanita dijadikan daripada tulang rusuk (kiri) lelaki, kerana setelah melihat Nabi Adam keseorangan tanpa ditemani oleh sesiapa, maka Allah s.w.t. telah mengambil tulang rusuk di bahagian kiri Nabi Adam ketika Nadi Adam tidur; di bawah kepala, bukan untuk menjadi pemimpin, dia atas kaki bukan untuk dipijak-pijak, tapi di tengah-tengah dekat dengan hati untuk disayangi dan dikasihi.

Abu Hurairah r.a. ia berkata: Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: "Pergaulilah kaum wanita itu dengan pergaulan yang lemah lembut, kerana sesungguhnya kaum wanita itu dijadikan dari tulang rusuk dan sesungguhnya tulang rusuk itulah yang sebengkok-bengkoknya ialah yang paling atas. Maka apabila engkau hendak meluruskannya, luruskanlah dengan perlahan dan apabila tidak diluruskan, ia sentiasa bengkok selama-lamanya. Oleh sebab itu, pergauilah wanita dengan pergaulan yang lemah lembut". 

[H.R Bukhari dan Muslim]

"I wonder what the person I'm going to marry is doing right now. It's weird to think that they're walking on this Earth, and I might already know them" -Hani-

haha cool! love it :)

I'm writting this for not to indicate anything, maybe it closely related to latest HOT news of what is happening in Alexandria right now. About 20 couples here going to marry this winter break! Of course our super senior in 5th year mostly i suppose XD


barakallahu lakuma

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