Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 7 Ramadhan


helo people, i want to share with you what i've been through yesterday. Very tiring but yet i felt so excited, well all girls surely love to go for shopping right? :D We left home after zuhur and headed straight to Manshiah by cab, couldn't find the listed item there, we were just walking around and sight seeing. Nice weather and of course, if you're not covering the aurat properly, sun rays might burn your own skin, free tanning services, it's been so hot this summer. ouh, lucky enough i found an abaya for my friend, she asked for it. Abaya is like a jubah with hook at the back which costs around LE180. I like the design.

The main purpose was to buy bundles of "i love alexandria" t-shirts but Manshiah didn't offer us much things so we went to Mahattet el Raml with horse ride haha that was my first time to be in such 'car', got stared by people around, nothing else but we're just like a moving circus to everyone on the road. From the station, we reached Sesostress by walking and turned back to catch the tram till it stopped at Game' Ibrahim which is only few metres away from the station haha, too lazy to use our own legs, who cares, we have lots of money, just paid a rubu' and it doesn't affect lots anyway. ouh, some of the passengers noticed that actually :D

it's getting dark and we decided to have iftar and terawih with kak amy since she's living near there. We went to Miami after that and thanks to Agasi cause he's willing to be our mushrif. Indeed, the Arabs are more active during night, i was surprised by the hectic atmosphere, good trading process and everybody was busy, just like if you've been to Husin in Cairo or Jalan Masjid India? correct me if i'm wrong. Only one way long road, shops plus small stalls on your left and right, entirely business area, you can find absolutely everything. And finally, there is a shop, no they don't sell ready made t-shirts, i mean you decide what image to be print on your plain shirt at that time. We bought many so the owner give us some discount, normal price per t-shirt costs LE35, but we got less to LE30 hihi.

The whole day passed so quickly, we gained and saw a lot of things. We don't really mind having muscle cramp, being tired and sunburn everywhere while shopping, cause knowing the rewards we might get in return by giving gifts to those beloved ones in malaysia, the same feelings as they do, feels happy and appreciated :)


Fee dAs said...

c-la, aku nk t-shirt "i love alexandria" gk satu~~ xD

Izyan Hanis said...

OMG. abaya..?

asilah, dah lama kite cari bende alah tuh. tapi x penah jumpa. saiz kite ade x?



shopping kat miami?
mcm mane leh tergerak hati pegi sana?

Farahh Arshad said...

salam kak asilah.. akak cri abaya yg ade hood eh? kt mnee eh? sbb kakak ipar kirim la abaya tu huhuh tp xpenah nmpk plak :(

miss asilah said...

pidot :alamak, tak cukup lak haha :D

iezy : haha sebenarnya nak carik t-shirt jek, tapi sekitar kita takde, tuh yang pergi smpai miami tu :DD

farahh : akak pergi kat manshia, masuk setiap kedai yang ada jual jubah perempuan, tanya bos dia ada tak abaya. tapi pergi aritu pun susah carik, ramai org lain beli.

Farahh Arshad said...

kak asilah jubah tu mmg abaya eh? hitam or ade colour laen? hurmm nk cri r lepas esok esok nie hehe

Farahh Arshad said...

hurm and akak boleh x minx tlg snap kn sikit gmbr jubah tu and send kt email farahh :)
sorry kalau mnyusahkn

miss asilah said...

farahh. sori lambat. insyaAllah, nanti akak emel